Abzorb WS-Line

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Technical data:
Abzorb WS-Line glassbong by Weed-Star

Height: ca. 24 cm
Ground joint: 18.8 mm
Diameter: ca. 35 mm
Bowl: 18.8 mm Superbowl
Percolator: SingleDisc
Ice notches: No
Carb hole: No

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The Abzorb WS-Line glass bong is a handy, medium size recycler bong. The Abzorb is stemless, meaning it is used without any additional chillum as it is already firmly integrated into the bong design. In a smoke session with the Abzorb, the smoke drifts through the chillum into the SingleDisc percolator in the water chamber. There, the smoke is swirled and pulled into the upper bong area. Excess water, which is pulled up during the inhalation, passes back into the lower chamber via the laterally located glass tube.

The Abzorb has a male 18.8 mm glass ground joint and comes with a matching Weed-Star Superbowl. The bowl has a narrow passage that facilitates packing and a finger-friendly grip that allows you to lift-off without burning your fingertips.

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