Black Percy 3.0 WS-Line

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Technical data:
Black Percy glassbong by  Weed-Star

Version 3.0
 ca. 36 cm
Ground joint: 18.8 mm
Tube diameter: ca. 44 mm
Wall thickness: 4 mm
Percolator: Clear Shower Perc
Chillum: 18.8>18.8 mm Diffused Downstem (~12cm)
Bowl 1: 18.8 mm WSP Standard slide
Bowl 2: Black Percy 18.8
Carb hole: Yes
Ice notches: Yes

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The Weed-Star Black Percy glass bong now finds its way into the WS-Line in the third generation. With 36cm height and 4mm wall thickness, this bong is perfect for home and on the go. While the Beaker Bottom and the smoke column of black glossy glass hide the view into the interior, you can look through the clear window into the percolator chamber. Inside is a Clear Shower Perc, whose bubbling can not only be heard but also be seen. The Black Percy has an ice function - due to ice notches embedded in the smoke column, the column can be filled with ice cubes for an additional cooling pass. With extra stable ground socket and kick hole, so it bangs neat!

Order the Percy 3.0 today and let the well-processed bong be delivered unbreakable packed in a neutral package right to your door!


- Black Percy 3.0 glass bong
- 18.8> 18.8 mm slotted hole diffuser (~ 12cm)
- 18.8 Standard slide

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