Bling Bling Green Metal Grinder, diff. motifs

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Cool Bling Bling Green Grinder in Gangsta Style
made of green metal with different sparkling motifs

4-piece with magnetic lid
51 metal teeth
Collecting chamber with skuff sieve

Height: approx. 5cm
Diameter: approx. 6cm
Material: aluminium

Motifs: Leaf, Frog, Dollar, Lucky, Tribal, Comb, Spider, Flower, Star, Skull

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Bling Bling Green Grinder - shines bright like a diamond

The Bling Bling Green Grinder sparkles so much that it just cracks. This 4-layer grinder made of green anodised aluminium offers you everything a decent herb grinder should do and more. Choose from more than 10 designs to get your herb-loving heart pumping and catapult the quality of your blend to the next level.

What the Bling Bling Green Grinder offers you

Top workmanship - The Bling Bling Grinder is a solid device made of clean CNC-machined aluminium. The exterior is an attractive green colour. A non-slip structure on the lid and base makes the grinder comfortable to hold. With a height of approx. 50mm, the metal grinder fits securely in your hand and produces a good amount of herbal mixtures in a short time.

Sharp grinding mechanism - The sharpened diamond teeth cut your herbs so finely in no time that you can use them for various purposes. The lid and the bottom part are held together securely by a magnetic lock.

Pollen sieve - The metal sieve in the third layer is the area where the herbs land after chopping. Here, the most potent components such as resin crystals, pollen and powdery herbal residues are sieved out and collected in the lowest compartment of the Bling Bling Green Grinder. You can then collect the powder for storage, further processing or direct use.

Bling Bling designs - The grinder is available in at least 10 different designs. Each design has either gold-coloured elements or sparkling embellishments made of rhinestones, enamelled glitter or even decorative stones with a mother-of-pearl look.

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