Budmaster BLUE DREAM Blunt nicotine- and tobacco-free

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BUDMASTER Terpene Infused Herbal Wrap
are blunts made from tea leaves.

King Size Format: 110 x 44 mm
Contents: 5 Herbal Blunt Wraps

The Budmaster BLUE DREAM contains terpenes* of the Blue Dream strain.

without THC
without tobacco
without nicotine

Made from tea leaves. Made in Brazil.
The Blue Dream Budmaster Blunt Wrap is easy to roll and self-adhesive. This makes the application of this blunt extremely easy.

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Budmaster - Tobacco-free flat blunts with cannabis flavour.

Manufactured by Recon Inc in Brazil, the blunt wraps of the company's own house brand Budmaster are a speciality. These high quality wraps are not simply made from tobacco leaves or hemp fibres, as most blunts and blunt alternatives are. Instead, they are made from the plant fibres of natural products, which primarily include chamomile and mate tea. The blanks of Herbal Blunts are rolled evenly flat and then infused with the terpenes* of the most popular cannabis strains.
Because every cannabis strain has its own individual aroma, the leaves are also given their specific flavour nuances, which every connoisseur of the good herb appreciates.

* Terpenes are molecular chemical compounds that are responsible for the aromas and smells of plants (and also insects). They do not contain any active ingredients and are therefore very well tolerated, but support the enjoyment of your herbs.

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