CHAMP HIGH Booster Smoker DL-4

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The Booster Smoker by CHAMP HIGH - Into the smoking pleasure with full force!

The smoke booster with carb hole:

Height: approx. 19cm
Diameter: approx. 8cm
Material: plastic and metal
Color: Black
With carb hole

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Normal smoking is not enough - Booster now with the Champ High Booster Smoker

The Booster Smoker by Champ High bangs hard and is not for the faint-hearted, because with this device, none of the smoke from your herbal cigarette goes to waste. Instead, it accumulates at 100% inside the container and is catapulted into your lungs with a concentrated charge!

You can smoke the cigarette to the last bit without burning your fingers and don't have to worry about burns to yourself or from falling ash. In addition, the container protects everything from draughts and gusts of wind - so smoking outside is no problem, whatever the weather.

How does the Champ High Booster Smoker work?

The way the Booster Smoker works is totally simple. You only need to follow 4 simple steps to experience the most bangin' high of your life:

1. unscrew the lid construction
2. insert the thin end of the cigarette into the metal tube on the lid and light it
3. screw the lid with the burning cigarette back on the booster
4. squeeze the booster together - it's also a good idea to keep the carb hole closed ;-)

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