STONER BOX Beech by Heisenberg

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Stoner Box made of beech wood by Heisenberg

Dimensions when closed: approx. 17 x 8 x 5 cm
Dimensions when open: approx. 17 x 15.5 2.5 cm

12 round recesses for e.g. activated carbon filters (6 x approx. 8mm, 6 x approx. 6mm)
1 groove for e.g. papers (approx. 12 cm)
1 hollow for e.g. cones (approx. 14 cm)
2 compartments for additional accessories (e.g. lighter, grinder etc.)

The box is natural, i.e. not lacquered and not oiled. This gives you the pure scent and feel of the wood.
If necessary, you can oil and varnish the stoner box by Heisenberg to your own gusto.

Lid closes by means of strong magnets.

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Natural stoner box made of beech wood

The small beech wood stoner box offers you space on compact smoke for your standard repertoire of smoking supplies such as papers, filter tips and lighter. On the top of the lid you will find a laser-burned "Stoner Box" logo. The box is held together by 4 strong magnets that ensure nothing can fall out.

Different compartments for different purposes

The wooden box has different sized and differently shaped recesses. Depending on their type, they can be used for a variety of purposes. The 12 holes can hold pre-rolled tips, activated carbon filters or cones. The narrow slots are usually used for inserting packs of papers. The two L-shaped compartments can be used for lighters, herbs, mini-grinders or small silicone containers.

The slightly shallower recess serves as a rolling aid when building your joints and blunts.

Made from untreated beech wood

The stoner box is handcrafted from beech wood in the Heisenberg branch in Bremen. The wood exudes the rich aroma common to this material. The untreated surface is pleasant to the touch and promises a far more natural feel in handling than a comparable varnished product.

Creative design possibilities

The untreated surface of the box offers you individual design options: You can paint it with acrylic or watercolours, decorate it with pens and markers, airbrush it, apply stickers, etc. There is no end to the possibilities. For a more natural look you can also treat it with clear varnish or oil.

Note: Caution is advised when treating with water-soluble paints. The surface of the box can start to become roughened through contact with moisture when the wood fibres stand up. In this case, the box should be allowed to dry completely and then gently sanded until it is once again pleasant to the touch. The process can be repeated until the desired design is achieved. Afterwards, you should treat the box with varnish to fix the colour.

Number of individual compartments

Holes Ø8mm: 6
Holes Ø6mm: 6
Recess (rolling aid): 1
Recess for papers: 1 (closed)
Small compartment: 1 (closed)
Large compartment: 1 (closed)

Size specifications

The following length specifications are in millimetres*

LxWxH box closed: 170 x 80 x 50
LxWxH box open: 170x 155 x 25
LxWxH Rolling aid: 140 x 22 x 10
LxWxH recess for papers (one-way measured): 118 x 6 x 12.5
Small compartment (one-way measured): length: 55 | basic width: 20 | max. width: 40 | depth: 22
Large compartment (one-way measured): length: 92 | basic width: 20 | max. width: 38 | depth: 22

*This product is handmade. Actual measurements may vary slightly.

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