DynaVap The 2021 M stainless steel vaporizer

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DynaVap The 2021 M Stainless Steel Vaporizer
Mechanical vaporizer made of stainless steel

Material: medical grade stainless steel
Colour: natural steel grey
Print: DynaVap logo
System: convection, mechanical system, use with lighter
Length: 92mm

Clever: Signals the time when you can inhale via 1-2 clicking sounds

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DynaVap The 2021 M Stainless Steel Vaporizer

The original mechanical vaporizer with the click by DYNAVAP® - the just 92 millimetre long mini vaporizer from the USA convinces with its sophisticated design. The device originates from the 'M' Edition 2021 series and is made entirely of medical stainless steel. Thanks to the narrow shape of the uniquely designed heating chamber in combination with the air supply, rich clouds of vapour are created in just a few seconds.

Advantages of the DynaVap The 2021 M Stainless Steel Vaporizer
- no additional power supply necessary
- full, rich vapour development
- easy to use - even for beginners
- small, handy & discreet

How to use the DynaVap The 2021 M

The mini-vaporizer can be used in just a few steps. All you need are herbs and a jet lighter.

Using the vaporizer is very easy: pull off the captive cap and fill the heating chamber with crushed herbs. Use the longer side of the cap as a tamper to compress the contents. Then put the cap back on.

Now cover the air openings with your finger and while rotating the heating chamber heat it with the lighter until you hear ONE click (for DynaVap beginners) or TWO clicks (for DynaVap experts). Now you can start inhaling and release the air supply with the last puff.

Cleaning the DynaVap The 2021 M

Remove the vaporised herbs from the heating chamber by pulling off the cap one more time. Now you can shake the remains out of the chamber.

Can I also inhale oil or wax?

Oil, concentrates or wax can also be vaporised with the DynaVap. However, a special capsule for concentrates is needed for this purpose. However, this capsule is not part of the delivery.

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