Funraiser, sandblasted

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Technical data of thecompletely sandblasted Funraiser glassbong:

Height: ca. 24 cm
Ground joint: 14.5
Diameter Tube: ca. 18 mm
Diameter Body: ca. 65 mm
Diameter Base: ca. 70 mm
Slide: Superbowl 14.5 with female cut
Percolator: Honeycomb, Shower head and Fab Egg
Ice notches: No
Carb hole: No

Only the inside of the mouthpiece is smooth and NOT sandblasted for a more pleasant feeling on the lips.

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With the Funraiser, you cannot lose fun ... it can only increase and rise new highs!

This compact stemless percolator bong convinces with its triple percolator system:

As soon as you set your herbals on fire, the smoke pulls over the fixed chillum of the Funraiser through a showerhead. There it is churned up in the water and split into dozens of small bubbles through the honeycomb percolator directly above.
From there it passes the outside of the Faberge Egg towards the mouthpiece, while passing the glass tubes and the sphere inside. Thus, the smoke is separated from the spray water, which runs back into the lower chambers.

This whole process makes the hits SO smooth and soft, so you properbly will not want to smoke any bong any longer than the Funraiser!


  • 1 sandblasted Funraiser, 14.5 M
  • 1 Superbowl, 14.5 F
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