Gift-Set Heisenberg & Friends

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The ultimative gift for all, who like to roll their own cigarettes:
Gift-Set Heisenberg & Friends

Complete package in 32 parts
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1x Metal Rolling Tray, 29 x 19 x 2.5 cm (random design)
1x Champ High plastic grinder, Ø ca. 7.5 cm (random colour)
1x Clipper lighter (random design)
1x Heisenberg Mylar zipper bag 20µ, approx. 180 x 260 mm / inside: approx. 165 x 220 mm (random colour)
1x Heisenberg Mylar zipper bag 18µ, approx. 65 x 100 mm / inside: approx. 55 x 70 mm (random colour)
5x RAW Classic King Size Slim Papers
3x Smoking GOLD King Size papers
3x Smoking BLUE King Size papers
2x OCB Extra Long Papers White
2x OCB Slim Premium Papers Gold
1x Hornet filter tips Ø7mm, pre-rolled, pack of 120
3x RAW Wide filter tips, 60 x 25 mm
3x RAW Conetips Maestro, perforated, unbleached
3x One Dollar filter tips, 55 x 25 mm

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The ultimate Heisenberg & Friends gift set

The Heisenberg & Friends gift set consists of 32 pieces, 15 of which are cigarette papers. So you have a cool selection of accessories that you can also change from time to time - and which, above all, won't run out again immediately.

The ideal smoker gift set for friends and relatives

Whether it's for a birthday, name day, anniversary, Christmas, Easter or St. Nicholas - the extensive gift set is just the thing for someone who likes to roll their own cigarettes. Give it to your best friend, your lover, your bro and so on... Of course, you can also gift the set with its many individual parts to yourself - you deserve it!

Everything a smoker needs to roll a cigarette:
Exact list of the contents of the Heisenberg & Friends gift set

With the Heisenberg & Friends gift set, you or the person you're gifting will be well equipped for a while with basic products for your daily smoking needs. The bundle of different items includes the following:

1x rolling tray - A rolling tray made of metal with the dimensions 29x19x2.5cm. The stable tray with its curved edge helps to roll sports cigarettes and prevents that herbal remnants that fall out get lost unused. Various motifs from the 420 scene are available. The design will be chosen randomly.

1x Clipper lighter - Since nothing works without a lighter, there is 1 original Clipper brand lighter. The lighter of the most popular brand ignites with a classic flint system (replaceable), is refillable and available in various colourful designs. Especially popular with campers, barbecue masters and festival goers due to its durability, break resistance and optional use as a bottle cap. The design is randomly selected.

1x grinder - A 2-piece grinder by Champ High made of transparent plastic with a diameter of Ø~75mm. The colour is randomly selected.

2x Pop Top SQUEEZE plastic cans - The set contains 2 Pop Top SQUEEZE plastic cans with hermetically closing lids. The approx. 7cm high jars have a capacity of 80ml each. Store tobacco and herbs expertly in these odour-proof plastic pressure seal jars and protect the contents from bugs, dirt and moisture.

2x HNBG Mylar zipper bags - There are many uses for these durable pressure seal bags. Use the 2 HNBG Mylar zipper bags for odour-proof and moisture-protected storage of tobacco and herbs. Or use them to protect loose blunts from drying out. The gift set includes 1 small Mylar zipper bag (material thickness 18µ) with an inner dimension of 55x70mm and 1 large Mylar zipper bag (material thickness 20µ) with an inner dimension of 165x220mm. The colours are randomly selected.

15x King Size papers - A large stock of king size papers from reputable cigarette paper manufacturers. The supplied packs of quality papers are each made up of:
5x RAW Classic King Size Slim Papers | 3x Smoking Gold KS Papers | 3x Smoking Blue KS Papers | 2x OCB Extra Long Weiß KS Papers | 2x OCB Slim Premium Oro KS Papers

10x filter tips - A colourful group of different tips to complement the included papers. For rolling, folding and styling as well as a stock pack of pre-rolled filters to get started immediately:
3x packs of RAW Wide Filtertips | 3x packs of RAW Conetips Maestro | 3x packs of One Doller Filtertips | 1x Hornet Filtertips Ø7mm, pre-rolled (pack of 120 pcs.)

Taste tip from the HNBG team: If you want to round off the gift set to perfection, order some Hemp Wicks as well. Ideal for decorating and then lighting up!

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