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CleanUrin - With reards from Captain Mittelstrahl!

CleanUrin or CleanU for short, offers the somewhat different items: from synthetic urine to false genitals made of silicone and mobile phone resp. laptop cases, that can neither be located or intercept, a vast variety is supplied .

CleanU reached its high level of awareness due to the significant success of their ScreenyWeenys, artificial, lifelike silicone penisses, that are commonly purchased in combination with special underwear. These undies posses sewn-in pockets, in which a bag of synthetic urine can be hidden. The bag is equipped with a small hose fitting, that leads directly into the silicone penis. By exposing pressure onto your fake-dingdong the artificial urine will be released. Always good for pranks and fun – but only for this?

So let´s say, there is this policeman. Due to his profession, he wants to find out by examining your pee, whether you consumed drugs or not. And there are you. Due to personal rights, you don't want him to find out, whether you have consumed drugs or not. Two different interests collide. Now, what should we do, then? You could engage the policeman in a discussion ... won't probably help. You could start some unruly behaviour ... would complicate the situation. Or you GIVE some urine to this policeman, well, at least what he thinks your urine is.
Drug screening with artificial urine by CleanUrin and everybody is fine afterwards. The policeman is fine, because he got his screening, and you are fine, because your privacy is save.
Too bad, law looks at this a different way:

Anyway we want to indicate EXPLICITLY, that rigging a drug screening by using CleanUrin is a crime and we DON'T want you to do so!

So stick with pranking or disgusting people – at least that´s legal.