Heisenberg Oil Extractor, div lengths

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The Heisenberg Öl Extractor for using with gas:

Length of tube: ca. 33cm, ca. 29cm, ca. 19cm
Diameter: ca. 5cm
Material: glass

Easy to use.

Please only use outdoors!

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Using the Heisenberg oil extractor

Attention: Due to the risk of explosion of the gas, all steps must be carried out outdoors!

Do not use near fire or sparks. Do not smoke! A well ventilated room with open windows is not enough!

It is best to wear close-fitting clothing, goggles and gloves.

What do I need:

  • - the oil extractor with glass frit
  • - tight clothing
  • - safety goggles
  • - gloves
  • - 1 small tub (no plastic)
  • - 1 large tub (no plastic)

Unscrew the cap with glass frit from the extractor.

Fill the extractor completely so that no airholes are formed.

Screw the cap from the extractor with the glass frit back on top.

Fill a pot or a tub with hot water, not more than max. 60°C.

Provide a smaller tub (not plastic) that fits into the larger tub to collect the product of exraction.

Keep away from sources of fire and sparks and hold the extrator with the big opening above the small tub with the glass frit, while the gas bottle is placed on the small opening on the top. The glass frit serves as a filter and cover. Gloves should be worn because the extractor can become extremely cold due to the gas.

Spray first for about 30 sec., then wait for about 15 sec. and then continue spraying the gas bottle until it is empty.

Important: The gas must not be inhaled!

Then wait until all the oil is gathered in the small tub. The oil should be bright and transparent.

Now the small collecting tank can be placed with the oil for about 30-45 min in a water bath in the large tub with the hot water. As soon as the butane has completely disappeared, the oil stops bubbling.

Cooled down to about 21°C, the oil can now be safely carried into the house for use.

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