Heisenberg Organ glass bong

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Heisenberg Organ percolator glass bong
High quality stemless cylinder bong with double percolator chamber and icebox.

Technical specifications:

Height: approx. 46 cm
Ground glass joint: 18.8
Wall thickness: approx. 5 mm
Diameter: approx. 50mm
Base diameter: approx. 12 cm
Logo/Print: Heisenberg logo on bong neck and bowl
Bowl: 18.8 standard bong bowl
Percolator: Organ (Sprinkler) Perc, Splash Guard
Carb hole: No
Ice box: Yes

Extra: Coloured mouthpiece in dark petrol-green colour.

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Heisenberg Organ 18.8 Percolator Bong

A delight for lovers of percolator bongs - The Heisenberg Organ is a 46cm high cylinder bong with icebox and double percolator chamber. Due to the lack of a carb hole, the bong is specifically smoked by lift-off. The female 18.8 ground glass finish allows it to be combined with a variety of different bowls and accessories*.

What makes a Heisenberg Organ glass bong

Double percolation - The smoke is diffused thanks to 2 different percolators. The first is a sprinkler perc - our organ percolator - which is modelled on the design of organ pipes. The smoke is virtually thrown up by the organ perc and reaches the dome perc directly, which separates the excess water from the smoke and guides it gently swirled further towards the mouthpiece.

Ice box - Above the Dome Perc there are 3 ice indentations. These allow the throat above the notches to be filled with ice cubes to further cool the smoke. At the same time, they work like another splash guard and reduce the risk of rising splash water.

Sturdy finish - 5mm thick glass shapes this bong and gives it a secure stand, weight, and a distinct stability.

Stemless Design - The Heisenberg Organ belongs to the group of stemless bongs. This means that it does not need an additional chillum. The chillum is already attached to the outside of the bong. To give the glass, which is perpendicular to the bong body, more stability, it is supported by an additional Dewar's Joint, a connecting piece of glass.

*The use of heads/adapters with a diameter > Ø30mm is only possible by means of a drop down adapter due to the narrow distance to the bong neck.

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EAN 4056159115061
Product weight 1.20 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Cut 18.8
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