Heisenberg Quartz-Banger Deep 14.5

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Thermochromatic banger with extra deep pan by Heisenberg.
Colour change bong bowl piece for dabbing concentrates.

Joint: corresponds to 14.5
Angle: 90°
Material: quartz glass
Bowl type: banger / oil bowl
Total height: approx. 6.5 cm
Oil cup: Ø approx. 2.5cm
Depth of the oil cup: approx. 3.5cm

There is a heat indicator in the oil pan which shows the degree of temperature by changing colour:
Yellow = cold
Red = very hot

The optimal temperature is in the orange range.

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Colour changing quartz banger for dab rigs with 14,5mm connection

Heisenberg offers an interesting range of colour changing bangers for your dab rigs. This thermochromatic banger made of quartz glass has a polished, male 14.5 joint with a 90 degree connection angle. The indicator inside turns from yellow to orange to red when exposed to heat. Because this banger does not have its own dome, it is ideally used together with a carb cap.

What does "thermochromic" mean?

Thermochromism is the property of certain substances to change colour when the temperature changes. This process is reversible, because as soon as the substances cool down again, they return to their original colour.

What this means for the banger

The thermochromatic sand inside the banger signals when the bowl has reached the temperature required for vaporisation by changing colour. Especially for beginners who have little experience with using dab rigs, this temperature indicator can help with the first dabbing attempts.

Advantages of the HNBG Thermochrome Banger
- made of stable quartz glass
- top quality
- temperature resistant
- resistant to wear and tear
- indication of perfect heat by colour change
- easy to clean/maintain

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Manufacturer Heisenberg
Color yellow
Cut 14.5
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