Heisenberg SHROVE BEAKER bong 18.8

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Details of the Shrove Beaker glass bong by Heisenberg:

Height: approx. 26cm
Mouthpiece Ø: max. 54mm
Inner neck diameter: approx. 35mm
Beaker diameter: max. 115mm
Ground glass joint: 18.8
Chillum: 14.5>18.8 with slit diffuser, L: 125mm
Bowl piece: funnel bowl piece, 14.5
Ice notches: Yes
Carb hole: No
Percolator: Showerhead, Ufo-Style with
Splash Guard
Logo: without Logo

Mouthpiece, percolator and connection piece are in contrasting colours.

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Heisenberg SHROVE BEAKER Ice Bong with Showerhead

The Heisenberg SHROVE BEAKER is an 18.8 percolator bong with an icebox - excellent for hitting herb bowls. The UFO-style showerhead perc cools the smoke effectively after it has already been thoroughly mixed by the slot diffuser.

Features of the beaker

Percolation through Showerhead Perc

The 14.5>18.8 chillum with slit diffuser leads into the main water chamber of the beaker. From there, the smoke is drawn up through the Showerhead Perc and further split, making it tremendously smooth. The dome that extends over the percolator is a splash guard and gives the Perc the popular UFO look.

Extra cooling by adding ice

On top of the showerhead, 3 recesses - so-called ice notches - are embedded in the bong neck. The resulting protrusion inside the bong serves as a splash guard against rising water and also allows the neck to be filled with ice cubes or coarse crushed ice. This way, the smoke can get some extra freshness right before inhalation.

Coloured sections

Different parts of the SHROVE BEAKER are coloured in contrast to the otherwise colourless glass. For example, the edge area of the ground joint, the upper area of the percolator and the mouthpiece are highlighted by coloured glass. The colouring of the parts depends on the selected model. Simply choose your favourite colour from the drop-down menu.
Please note: In the bluish grey, green and black versions, the coloured areas are opaque. In the blue and petrol models, the coloured areas are transparent.

Scope of delivery
1x SHROVE BEAKER Ice bong, 18.8 female (colour of your choice)
1x 14.5>18.8 chillum with slit diffuser, L: 125mm
1x funnel bowl, 14.5

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Product weight 0.38 kg
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Manufacturer Heisenberg
Cut 18.8
Delivery time Versand nach Zahlungseingang - Dispatch after payment
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