Heisenberg Trimtray SET with Trimtray, Magnifying Glass and Brush

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The Harvest Set by Heisenberg is composed of

1 two-piece Trim Tray, approx. 50 x 32.5 x 9 cm
with a stainless steel sieve, mesh density 150my
1 Botanist's Magnifying Glass, practical in credit card formatT
1 Pollen Brush for pollen, length approx. 11 cm

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Heisenberg Trimtray Set with large sieve, magnifier and fine brush

The plastic Trimtray measures approx. 50x32,5x9cm. It consists of 2 parts: a black collection tray and a white insert with a stainless steel sieve bottom. The mesh density of the sieve is 150my. The sieve insert and the lower tray can be stacked exactly into each other. A gap of approx. 10mm separates the sieve surface from the bottom of the tray. The tray is completely impermeable to light and water. The inside is flat and smooth.

Possible applications:
The Trimtray can be used in different ways. Use both parts stacked inside each other to harvest inflorescences and dry them as you would on a plant rack. Crush the flowers on the sieve to sieve out pollen and collect it for further use in the tray, e.g. for manual pollination of fruit-bearing plants.

With the help of the enclosed botanist's magnifying glass, which is particularly handy due to its size (approx. 8.5 x 5.5 cm), you can optimally examine plants either to determine the degree of ripeness or to check them for diseases and pests. The magnifier is made of plastic. Its practical rectangular shape corresponds to the size of a standard credit card. It can therefore be carried in any wallet, trouser pocket or shirt pocket. It is lightweight and, due to the material, resistant to drops and bumps. The wide black rim provides an ideal gripping surface without blocking the magnification area.

The enclosed fine hair brush is mainly useful for collecting pollen. It is used to remove pollen that has settled on the sides and bottom of the collection tray during sifting. It also helps to remove the pollen residues that have settled above and below the sieve tray and in the spaces between the meshes after the coarse plant residues have been removed from the sieve tray. The extra fine bristles, approx. 30mm long, ensure that the sifted material can reliably be swept up.

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