Youth protection

§ 10 JuSchG

From April 1st 2016 on, the German Youth Protection Law (JuSchG) is made much more strict.

This law requires from all retailers to verify the age of the customer, who wants to buy tobacco.

Kaya-Shisha feels very contrained about this law, so we will also execute it on vaporising paste, vapor-stones and e-liquids.

That's why not only new customers, but also those, who have already registered before, have to undergo a verification of age, as soon as they want to buy an item out of the product groups mentioned above.

Forthis, it is essentially necessary, that all your data is correct. As soon as the system detects an inconsistence, your authentication will fail.

Submitting your data in purpose of verifying your age takes place according to the strict data privacy act, like all other traffic of data on our web page. The verification of age has to be conducted only once per registered customer.

Please note, that we do NOT sell and deliver tobacco outside of Germany.

Regarding the very important youth protection we thank you for your comprehension and assistance.

New customers have the possibility to quote TABAK within the registration form, if they already know, that they are going to buy tobacco. The verification of age will then take place with finishing the purchase when you're checking out. The verification remains valid, as long as you log in with the same account.

Customers, who have already registered before, can quote TABAK after clicking on "Change address details". The shop also leads you out of the tobacco category into the right form. And again: One sole verification is enough.