Locomotive Breath Glassbong

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Technical data:
Locomotive Breath glass bong by Weed-Star

Height: ca. 42 cm
Ground joint: 18.8 mm
Square base: side length ca. 10 cm
Square pre-chamber: side length ca. 5 cm
Square body: side length ca. 5 cm
Diameter tube: ca. 35 mm
Solid mouthpiece
Slide: 18.8 WSP standard, male
Diffuser: No
Ice notches: No
Carb hole: No

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The Weed-Star Locomotive Breath from the WS-Line is a stemless bong. This means that it is one of those bongs that can dispense with the use of an additional chillum or a diffused downstem due to its outsourced ground joint with permanently installed smoke path. Instead, the smoke is directed directly into the lower, square water chamber.

In addition to its interesting design, the Locomotive Breath comes with a sandblasted WS tag and a white roll stopper, which is to be regarded as an ornament in this model. The smoke column is less the design of a cylinder bong, but suggests a gentle curve to the smoker and passes into a slightly flared mouthpiece. Very stylish and a real design highlight. The non-round bong for those who like to hit! Ziggy - what the hell was your idea?

Scope of delivery:

- Locomotive Breath glass bong
- 18.8 WSP Standard Purkopf, male

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