Musketeer WS-Line

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Technical data:
Musketeer WS-Line by Weed-Star

Entire height: ca. 39 cm
Ground joint: 18.8 mm
Wall thickness: ca. 4mm
Tube diameter: ca. 2.1 cm
Chamber top diameter: ca. 4.7 cm
Slide: WSP Standard Slide 18.8
Carb hole: No
Ice notches: No
Base: round, ca. 10 cm
Percolator: Honeycomb and Cheese-Perc-Style

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Smoking with the three musketeers

We offer you our Musketeers in three variants - not as Athos, Porthos or Aramis, but Weedstar Musketeers in the three color variants red, black or white.

The sleek Musketeer glass bong is a so-called stemless bong - a model that does not require an additional chillum as it is already firmly attached. The connection of the Musketeer opens into a female 18.8 glass ground joint for bong bowls and bong accessories.

How to use the Weed Star Musketeer

Fill the bong with water. The level is high enough when the Honeycomb percolator is just under water. Fill the tobacco bowl with your smoke mixture and light it. Start ripping.

The smoke path runs through the bowl into the lower water chamber. From there, the resulting smoke bubbles are drawn through the fine holes of the Honeycomb percolator. The smoke then passes through the glass bends of the Cheese Perc. This dissolves excess liquid, which flows back to the percolator chamber of the Musketeer.

The smoke is split by the strong turbulence, filtered and cooled, resulting in pleasantly smooth hits.

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