Payday Black 5mm XL

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Payday Black 5mm XL glass bong by Heisenberg

Height: ca. 38 cm
Ground joint: 18.8
Glass thickness: 5 mm
Diameter: ca. 5 cm
Downstem: 18.8>14.5 slithole diffuser (~12cm)
Bowl: 14.5 conical one-hitter bowl
Roundbase: ca. 11cm diameter
Carb hole: yes
Ice notches: yes

Thick glass mouthpiece!
Logo/writing in black.

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No black pay day, but a Black Payday

If the Blue-Line Heisenberg Payday is a top ten chart hit, the radio edition so to speak, then the Payaday Black 5mm is the extended dance version.

Fatter, heavier, wilder, blacker!

5 millimetre glass thickness doesn't ask questions, it just does its job! The clear design with black logo underlines the uncompromisingness with which this bong should please you and your friends. A gentle bulge below the ground joint sleeve increases the volume of this water pipe almost invisibly, but clearly noticeable.

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