Shoot WS-Line

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Technical data:
Shoot WS-Line glassbong by Weed-Star

Height: ca. 29 cm
Ground joint: 10 mm
Diameter Tube: ca. 16 mm
Diameter Body: ca. 42 mm
Diameter Base: ca. 82 mm
Diffusor: DiscDiffusor
Ice notches: No
Carb hole: No

2 Slides: 10 Oil Dome with Nail AND
10 Superbowl, both slides with female cut.

The upside-down Dome is NOT a splash-guard, it's a percolator! It has to be under water, so its upper edge is the filling mark for the water.

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This small bong can be used for classical use or for oil. That's the reason, why we deliver it with the two different slides.
As the fine, sophisticated pipe, which it really is, The Shoot WS-Line is easy to handle and flexible in use.

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