Smoky Poky Satinized

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Details about the Smoky Poky Satinzed by Heisenberg

Height: ca. 32 cm
Cut: 18.8
Tube diameter: ca. 2.5 cm
Upper body diameter: ca. 6.5 cm
Lower body diameter: ca. 4 cm
Slide: 18.8 Standard tobacco bowl
Carb hole: No
Ice notches: No
Perculator: Cutter
Base: round, ca. 9 cm
Amber color accents on mouthpiece and base

The special feature: the Smoky Poky is completely sandblasted, which makes the previously smooth glass surface look matte and iced (satinised).

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EAN 4056159110714
Product weight 0.45 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Color sandblasted
Cut 18.8
Delivery time Versand nach Zahlungseingang
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