SPLATTER SYMBOLS Clipper Lighter, diff. motifs

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Details of the SPLATTER SYMBOLS Clipper Lighter

Height: approx. 74mm
Diameter: approx. 17mm
Colour: multicolour

Four (4) designs to choose from:
Mushrooms - Leaves - Eye - Skull

H220 - Extremely flammable gas!
H280 - Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated!

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Original Clipper brand lighters with scene motifs in psychedelic colours

Probably the most popular lighter brand par excellence with an extensive range of motifs. This Clipper ignites via a classic flint system (replaceable) and is refillable. It is available in the 4 different designs - Mushrooms, Eye, Leaves and Skull - against a multi-coloured background with paint splatter pattern. The contrasting colour range alternates between red, cyan blue, purple and light green.

What makes a Clipper lighter so popular

Not only smokers love these lighters - the by far most frequently stolen smoking accessory is equally popular with campers, barbecue masters and festival goers. Especially thanks to its durability and resistance to breakage. The robust plastic housing can easily withstand the odd fall from the hand, pocket and even from greater heights without suffering immediate damage.

A Clipper flint system can usually withstand up to 3000 firing cycles without any problems. Should it fail, you can even replace it instead of getting a new lighter. Of course, the same applies to the required gas, because a Clipper can be refilled at any time. This sustainability makes this lighter so resource-friendly.

Connoisseurs and lovers of Clipper also know about its special use during the summertime. Because in addition to its original function as a lighter, this accessory can also optionally be used as a bottle stopper for standard beer or soda bottles. Perfect for trips in the car or the next barbecue party in the garden to protect the contents from flying wasps and other vermin.

Whatever your reason for getting this lighter, you can't go wrong with a Clipper!

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