Triple Double Bubble Bong HNBG Gold

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Technical data of the Triple Double Bubble pipe by Heisenberg:

Height: 26,5cm
Entire width: 22cm
1 Circulator-Chillum, length ca. 18cm
2 Circulator-Kammern
Cut: 29,2 auf 18,8
Wall thickness: 5mm
Bowl: 18,8er standard bowl

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3 Circulators ... what more??!!

Folks, this is never gonna end - it's becoming better and better!
The Triple Double Bubble Bong by Heisenberg is convincing with 3 (in wirds three) circulators:
A circulator chillum and two circulator chambers make the smoke of your pipe a special treat.

The gold-coloured HNBG writing on the bubbler makes it abundantly clear which quality brand this water pipe comes from: Heisenberg at it's best.

More Information
EAN 4056159002750
Product weight 0.75 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Color clear
Diffuser Disc
Cut 29.2 / 18.8
Delivery time Versand nach Zahlungseingang
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