Waaaxman WS-Line

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Technical data:
Waaaxman WS-Line glassbong by Weed-Star

Height: ca. 36 cm
Diameter Tube: ca. 3.5 cm
Diameter Body: ca. 6 cm
Diameter Base: ca. 12 cm
Ground joint: 18.8, male
Bowl: Superbowl 18.8, female
Ice box: Yes
Carb hole: No
Honey Comb Perc plus splash protection

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Waaaxman - The bong for MEGA gentle hits

With the Waaxman you get a solid percolator bong of medium size. Thanks to its small body diameter of just 6cm, the glass bong sits comfortably in the hand. Upon delivery, a Superbowl with a female 18.8 glass ground joint for smoking herbal mixtures is already included. Due to its male ground glass joint, you can also use this stemless glass bong in combination with a nail and an oil dome or with a 90° angled stainless steel banger.

Top cooling with lots of bubbling

The Weed-Star Waaaxman has a Honeycomb percolator that filters and cools the smoke as it draws it through in dozens of small bubbles.

Double splash guard and recycler function

Because you can quickly pull up excess water while taking hits, there is an embedded glass constriction above the Honeycomb perc, which reduces the smoke path and thus serves as a splash guard.

In the event that water still flows into the upper chamber during inhalation, the Waaaxman has an additional recycler function. The excess water is returned to the honeycomb via an external drainage tube.

The ice notches, which are embedded in the neck of the bong, can also serve as an additional splash protection in addition to their actual purpose.

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