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The XS Slim Line 1 Wooden Mouthpiece Strong is an excellent addition to hookahs made of wood, glass and any kind of metal.

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The dark, red-brown colouring of the rosewood shows a subtle grain. The mouthpiece is varnished to make it pleasant to the touch and has a smooth surface that is completely free of splinters.

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Kaya Slim mouthpiece made of dark rosewood

Upgrade your absolute favourite hookah now with one of our 25cm long XS Slim mouthpieces made of rosewood. The natural colouring of this wood varies between fine lines and a dot-like wood grain. As a result, each mouthpiece is very different from the other. What they all have in common, however, is the rich dark to fawn wood colour.

The connection area for silicone hoses is about 25mm long and has a maximum diameter of 14-15mm. The anti-slip grooves ensure that the hose of your choice always sits securely on the mouthpiece.

The tip of the wooden mouthpiece tapers with a gentle curve. The hole diameter is between 8-9mm, which ensures a clean, good flow when inhaling.

Due to the material, the mouthpiece is neither as cold nor as heavy to the touch as a comparable model made of metal. Furthermore, the mouthpiece is very comfortable to hold. The surface is completely smoothed and polished, so that rough spots or the danger of wood splinters is reduced to zero.

Note: Before first use, clean the inside of the mouthpiece with a brush to remove any wood dust or chips that may have accumulated during production.

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