Our FAQ offers you the opportunity to receive further information on the topics of order, shipping, payment options or reshipment.



Q: Who is allowed to place an order?

A: Only custumers, that are registered at our website are able to place their order.

Q: Can my order be changed later?

This depends on how you ordered or paid for the goods:

  1. If you have paid your goods directly via Giropay, debit card or DIRECTebanking, a change may not be possible.
  2. In the case of an order with payment by cash in advance or cash on delivery, there remains the possibility to change the order after agreement, if the goods have not yet been handed over to shipping. In both cases, please contact our customer support if you have any questions. We are happy to help you, if possible.

Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Not, unless you choose COD (cash on delivery) as your method of payment. In that case, the minimum order value lies at €75.00.

Q: Is there a maximum amount for orders?

A: The maximum order value per order lies at 800,00 €. For larger orders please contact us by mail or phone.



Q: When does my order arrive?

A: Usually, we ship our products within 2-3 working days after receipt of payment (exception: If the order quantity is high, the processing time can be extended up to a maximum of 5 working days). The standard delivery time for delivery by DHL is (within Germany) between 2-4 working days.

Q: To which countries do you ship your products?

A: We deliver to customers worldwide.

Q: What logistics company do you use?

A: We ship our good exclusively via DHL (Premium Shipping).

Q: Do you deliver to packstations?

A: Yes. Simply enter your postal number in the "Company name" field when you place your order and enter the number of the respective packstation in the address field. Please also leave a short note in the comment box. Exception: If the order contains goods, that require an age check, the delivery to a packstation is not possible due to reasons of youth protection. Please note: Since 2018, the payment by cash on delivery to packstations is no longer possible!

Q: Does my package arrive neutrally packed?

A: Yes. All packages are delivered in a neutral packing. The official sender is the PCP-Trading GmbH.

Q: Who is allowed to accept the delivery?

A: Here the DHL guidelines apply. In addition to you as the customer, family members, other members of your household or direct neighbors can accept packages. It is also possible to specify a desired location or preferred neighbor to which the delivery can be made.

Q: Will I receive a tracking number?

A: Yes. Upon receipt of the shipping confirmation you will also receive a tracking ID for your parcel. With this you can observe the status of your parcel via the DHL shipment tracking. Please note that our packages are picked up in the morning and often arrive at the shipping center at noon. For this reason, the shipment number is often most likely available from the afternoon. Note: After completing your order you will receive an order confirmation first. However, this mail dos not contain the tracking number. In case you did not receive a shipping confirmation, please check first, if it was rejected as SPAM by your SPAM filter. If not, contact our support to receive your Tracking ID at a later date.

Q: How much are the shipping costs?

A: This depends on whether the delivery takes place within Germany, other EU countries or outside the EU:

  1. Within Germany: If the order value is less than € 29.00, the shipping costs are € 5.20. Orders from € 29.00 are free shipping.
  2. To other EU countries: The shipping costs of EU insured shipping lie at € 15.00. Orders from € 199.00 are free shipping.
  3. Outside the EU: We charge € 25.00 for deliveries via world wide insured shipping.

Q: Is there a possibility to gain free shipping?

A: Yes. Within Germany, orders over € 29.00 are free of shipping costs.deliveries to other EU countries are also free of charge, provided that the order value is more than € 199.00.

Q: Can I pick up the goods myself?

A: A pickup by the customer comes only after prior agreement with the PCP Trading GmbH and cash payment for goods delivery into consideration.


Payment options

Q: What payment options can I use?

A: We accept payment via DIRECTebanking, Giropay, prepayment/bank transfer, cash on delivery as well as via credit cards/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard).

Q: Can I order on account?

A: No. We do not accept orders on account.

Q: Will there be more costs for me?

A: If you place an order within Germany, that is not the case, unless you choose cash on delivery as a payment method. In that case, we demand a special fee of €2.50. However, for orders outside Germany to the recipient country, additional fees may apply, such as: VAT, import taxes, account or risk fees.



Q: Can I return an order?

A: Yes. We offer this possibility.

Q: How long can I return a shipment?

A: After receiving the goods, you have 14 days to return the ordered goods.

Q: Can I return an opened item?

A: Yes and No. If you have ordered a product and notice on receipt of your goods that you can or will not use it (e.g. because you dislike the color or a spare part does not fit) you can return it, provided that it is still unused. in this case, contact our customer support immediately, so we can help you. Exception: Perishable goods such as sweets.

Q: Can I return an item that has already been used?

A: No. We do not accept already used goods.

Q: What do I have to do, to return an order?

A: If the value of goods exceeds € 40.00, please contact our customer support directly. You will receive a return note via email, with which you can return the product to us free of charge. If the value of the ordered product is below € 40.00, you send the item back to us (at your own expense). For this case, you receive with each purchase a return form for goods together with the invoice, which you must fill out and enclose with the returned goods.

Q: Who bears the cost of the return?

A: For returns within Germany we will refund the shipping costs, if the delivered goods do not correspond to the ordered goods. For this you will receive from us a DHL return note by e-mail. Print it out and and complete the note. Afterwards glue it on the goods that are packed ready for shipping. We also assume the costs, if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered, but you do not like it (on the premise, that the value of goods exceeds € 40.00, the goods are fully or partially paid and the return takes place within the 14-day period).

Q: The received goods are damaged. What do I have to do to get a replacement?

A: Upon receipt of damaged or non-functional goods we need proof from you. Send us photos of the damaged goods by e-mail. The period in which transport damage must be reported is 5 days. In the case of justified complaint, you will receive a refund of the value of the goods or a replacement delivery at our expense. The return of damaged goods is unnecessary.


Did not you find the information you needed neither in our FAQ nor on our information pages? Then contact our customer support! We are always happy to help you!