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Your online shop for bongs, dab rigs, pipes, grinders and more is your Heisenberg headshop for stylish and high quality smoking accessories at a fair price. Besides the high quality of our bongs, the focus is on the design. Fancy and big, simple and small or something completely different? We offer you a wide range of different smoking accessories for every taste - therefore the only thing higher than our product list is our customers!

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In our bong shop we offer you a selection of various bongs with or without carb hole and ice box: besides classic cylinder bongs and conical beakers, you will also find percolator bongs of different editions, shapes and colours. Do you prefer to take your bong directly to hand? Then take a look at our bubblers - small to medium-sized bongs in handy pipe format. Lovers of extracts can also find what they are looking for in our dab rigs. Everyone should get their money's worth here.

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Pimp your bong with the right accessories

It is important to us that every customer can pimp their bong individually according to their wishes even after the purchase. Therefore, we offer you various bong accessories, with classics such as one-hitters, funnel bowls, drop-down adapters, reducers, pre-coolers and chillums. Also check out our new dabbing range with trendy carb caps, dabbers and stainless steel pans with threefold ground joint sizes.

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Blows your mind away - our Heisenberg headshop

Grinders, papers, digital scales and more - in our headshop every smoker get what they needs for a good sport cigarette. Between papers, filters, lighters and rolling aids you can also get herbal tobacco, weedjars and tobacco pouches. Everything you need to build, store and enjoy your ciggies. If you don't know how to do it, you can even find books to read about it here.

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Heisenberg pipes - modern design for all tastes

In addition to the solid quality and impeccable workmanship of our bongs, we also care about classic pure smoking. That's why you can buy traditional pipes, long neck Gandalf pipes, modern pure pipes made of silicone, glass and stainless steel as well as our own wooden pipes with filter system. Between different styles, colours and materials you will find the right pipe for you without a doubt.

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Everything for your indoor garden in the Heisenberg grow-area

The Heisenberg growshop has a lot of good stuff for indoor gardening, processing and storing your yields. In addition to grow tents and the accessories you need for a grow box, order presses, drying nets, pollen extractors and special Heisenberg extractors for resin extraction.

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Are you a little short on cash right now or do you just want to enjoy the next kick without paying much for it? Then take a look at our SALE categories and buy reduced offers at bargain prices. Find a good bong, pipes, accessories or even something really extraordinary for little money.

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