Black Chess Glow

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Technical data:
Black Chess Glow glass bong

Height: ca. 36.5 cm
Joint Size: 18.8 mm
Glass Thickness: ca. 5 mm
Diameter: ca. 60 mm
Downstem: Diffused downstem 18.8>18.8 mm (~ 12cm)
Slide: 18.8 Funnel Bowl
Ice notches: Yes
Carbhole: No

With glow in the dark effect

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Checkmate! Our Black Chess glass bong

The Black Chess has a Glow in the Dark motif. This can be found in the form of a band in the lower area of the beaker, on the circular beaker footprint and on the bong neck between the ice notches and the mouthpiece. The chessboard-like pattern consists of many small squares that alternate between a self-luminous base colour and a dark almost black colour with a slight metallic shimmer.

To achieve the strongest and longest-lasting glowing effect, the bong should be exposed to direct sunlight or a strong light source for some time. The self-luminous effect works best in completely dark rooms. Under the influence of black light, this can be additionally intensified.

Glow in the Dark Beaker - bongs with glow effect

The Heisenberg beakers with glow effect are robust smoking devices with an 18.8 ground glass joint. With a total height of 36cm, they are comfortable to handle. The wall thickness of just under 5mm and the reinforced joint area make the beakers stable and reduce the risk of breakage, even if you put it down a little less gently.

Some ice notches in the bottom of the bong neck allow the glass tube to be filled with ice cubes or coarse crushed ice to give the smoke an extra kick of freshness.

Each beaker comes with an 18.8>18.8 diffuser chillum and a matching funnel bowl.

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EAN 4056159103280
Product weight 1.00 kg
Age verification No
Color Black
Color glow in the dark
Cut 18.8
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