Information page on the subject of returning goods

In the following, we inform you in detail about the procedure for returning goods. Please remember to contact us personally before sending us any goods, both in the event of a complaint due to product defects and as a result of a withdrawal from the purchase contract. You can find out more about this on this page and in our cancellation policy..

Table of contents

  • Process of goods return
  • Return address
  • Entitlement to reimbursement of return costs
  • Product groups excluded from return
  • General information

Process of goods return

You must return or hand over the goods directly to us without delay and in any case no later than fourteen (14) days from the day on which you notify us of the cancellation of your purchase contract.
The deadline shall be deemed to have been met if you send the goods before the expiry of the fourteen-day period (the decisive date shall be the date of demonstrable receipt at the shipping branch/dispatch centre).
You shall bear the direct costs of returning the goods until we have received them and subjected them to an inspection. If the necessary circumstances are met, we will subsequently reimburse you for the costs of the return shipment.

Return address

PCP-Trading GmbH
Heerenholz 14a
28307 Bremen

Entitlement to reimbursement of return costs

We will pay the shipping costs for returns within Germany if the delivered goods are defective or do not correspond to the ordered goods. We will also bear the costs if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods but you do not like them (precondition: the value of the goods exceeds 40.00€, the goods have been paid for in full or in part, the return is carried out within the 14-day period).

For this purpose, you will receive a DHL returns note from us by e-mail as a shipment label as well as in the form of a QR code (in writing and as a pkpass file). Print out the returns label and stick it on the goods packed ready for dispatch. Alternatively, you can order the parcel shipment at the nearest DHL branch using the QR code (pkpass).

In case you also possess a return note from our company, please fill it out and enclose it with the return shipment in order to enable a speedy processing.

Note: Customers outside Germany (EU and non-EU countries) bear the costs of the return shipment, unless the delivered goods do not correspond to the ordered goods or have demonstrable defects upon receipt of the delivery.


You are entitled to a refund of the return costs if:

  1. the delivered goods are defective (GER, EU, non-EU)
  2. the delivered goods do not correspond to the ordered goods (GER, EU, non-EU)
  3. the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods but are not to your liking (GER only)
    AND their value is exceeding 40,00 Euro
    AND they have already been paid for in full or in part
    AND the goods are returned within the 14-day period.

When does the right to reimbursement of the return costs expire?

We will only pay the return costs if the delivery is made by the shipping method approved by us.
We reserve the right to refuse to bear the costs of the return shipment in the event of deviations from the approved return shipment procedure (e.g. by choosing an alternative shipping service provider), deviating shipping method (e.g. express shipping) or a return shipment without a previously requested return note.

Product groups excluded from return

Damaged goods

Do not return damaged goods without consulting in advance!
If the object of your cancellation is damaged or defective goods, contact us immediately. Take pictures of the products so that the damage/defects are clearly visible and subsequently send the pictures to our support team at the address Important: Do not dispose of the products until you have provided proof and clarified the following procedure with us!

Not prefabricated products

Products that are tailored to your personal needs and wishes as a consumer. This includes, for example, custom-made products and products that have been personalised for you (e.g. by means of laser engraving).

Used goods

Items that have already been used are excluded from return. Exception: goods that have demonstrable defects that are not due to improper handling and whose return shipment has been agreed with our support team in advance.

Perishable goods

Perishable goods in the form of food (tea, sweets, drink powder) as well as CBD buds and CBD hash are excluded from return shipment.

Goods with tax seal

Tobacco and nicotine-free tobacco substitutes where the tax seal has already been broken are excluded from return shipment.

General information

1) Avoid damage and contamination of the goods. Return the goods to us in the original packaging with all accessories and with all packaging components. If necessary, use protective outer packaging. If you no longer have the original packaging, use suitable packaging to ensure adequate protection against transport damage.
2) Do not return the goods to us freight collect.
3) Please note that the aforementioned items 1-2 are not a prerequisite for the effective exercise of your right of withdrawal.