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Grow Sets

Heisenberg Grow Sets - Complete sets for bountiful harvests in plant breeding

Is the standard Hydro Shoot grow tent set by Secret Jardin not good enough for you? Then get a complete set by Heisenberg today for cultivating plants indoors. Affordable sets for beginners, hobby gardeners and experienced growing professionals with matching top quality grow accessories. Successfully propagate cuttings or grow your plants from seed to mother plant. With the help of a complete set you can effortlessly cultivate a lush vegetation.

High quality plant tent from Heisenberg

Better than any low budget grow box, each complete set comes with a high quality Heisenberg Premium grow tent. This growbox is the heart of every set - impermeable to light, with a highly reflective interior coating and with various access points for grow lamps, fans and accessories as well as 3 air intake flaps with insect screens. We offer you our growbox complete sets in 3 sizes: in 80 x 80cm, 100 x 100 cm and 120 x 120 cm.
Use the growbox for the cultivation on substrates or also in hydroponics. The waterproof inner tray in the bottom area prevents moisture from leaking into your home during automated irrigation - even if something happens to go wrong.

Complete growbox set with exhaust system

Save yourself the trouble of assembling the accessories for your growbox. We already deliver the right exhaust system with activated carbon filter for your plant tent. The system contains only components of reliable brand manufacturers such as Vents or Prima Klima, which have already made a name for themselves in the field of ventilation systems. And the quality is noticeable - in terms of efficiency, consumption and durability. Prevent the negative influence of heat build-up inside the grow box to optimize the healthy growth of your plants and eliminate unpleasant odors before they can escape to the outside.

Sodium vapor lamp and hammer reflector - Let there be light!

A grow box set is often only as good as its equipment - because in order for the plants you cultivate to grow well, you need to provide them with sufficient light. For this reason, every grow tent is equipped with a lighting system consisting of a ballast together with the necessary connection cables and a grow lamp consisting of a reflector and the - for photosynthesis - necessary illuminants in the form of sodium vapor lamps. We only use bulbs from renowned manufacturers that are known for the effectiveness of the corresponding light spectra, quality as well as durability of their products, such as Osram or Sylvania.

Of course, you can also equip your growbox with other grow lamps and, for example, convert it into an LED growbox using LED lighting. Due to the sturdy frame of the box, there is no problem leaving space for an LED grow lamp. Whether you are satisfied with the included lighting set or prefer to work with LED lamps - with the right lighting nothing stands in the way of your plants' growth.

Accessories of the growbox complete sets

Not only a grow tent guarantees the successful cultivation of your plants, but also the right indoor growing accessories are important. For this reason, the growbox kits are equipped with a selection of items that will accompany you through the various stages of the life cycle of your plants. Equip your kit with the included plant pots and help the young plants with root stimulants and growth fertilizers on their stems. To stimulate flowering and fruiting, each kit includes additional fertilizers for the flowering stage and final bloom.

Save money with our set discount

Take advantage of outrageous set discounts when you buy a complete Heisenberg Growbox set. Where others give you only the basic equipment at horrendous prices, you get only high quality products at low prices.

More options for set optimization

Do you want to get even more out of the Growbox Complete Sets? Are you missing tools for the care of your plants or for the further processing of your harvests? Then take a look at our processing category. Here you will find useful tools such as scissors, nets and more to help you with growing and processing your plants.

Do you need more knowledge about indoor growing? Then you might find the right tip in our technical literature that will help you achieve the perfect harvest.