Payday Black 4mm

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Payday Black 4mm glass bong by Heisenberg

Height: ca. 38 cm
Ground joint: 18.8
Glass thickness: 4 mm
Diameter: ca. 4 cm
Downstem: 18.8>18.8 slithole diffuser (~11cm)
Bowl: 18.8 standard One-hitter bowl
Roundbase: ca. 12cm diameter
Carb hole: yes
Ice notches: yes

Thick glass mouthpiece!
Logo/writing in black.

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Payday Black 4mm is available to buy in increments of 1

The PAYDAY Blue-Line - only in black


This medium-sized, slim glass bong comes without frills and without technical aids such as percolators, diffusers or additional water chambers. This water pipe is as pure as the pleasure it brings.
Heisenberg Payday pays off if you want pure, honest enjoyment, if you have little desire to clean your bong in a tedious and elaborate way, if you care about simple design.
The Payday is worth your money - in this variant with black lettering and a glass thickness of 4mm.


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EAN 4056159093598
Product weight 0.70 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Cut 18.8
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