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Details of the Pips Special 12mm sieves:

Diameter: 12 mm
Perforation: 19 holes à Ø 1mm
Material: stainless steel

Scope of delivery:
1 Storage bag of Pips Special sieves 12mm
Content: 100 pieces

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PIPS Special hanging sieves made of stainless steel with 12mm diameter

Hanging sieve - bowl sieve - bong screen - this quality product is known by many names. The Pips sieves of this type have a diameter of 12 mm. The sieve surface is provided with 19 holes of approx. Ø 1mm each.

A Pips sieve is a high-quality brand product that has been on the market for more than twenty years. Also known as plug-in sieve, hanging sieves are ideal for use with bongs, water pipes and tobacco pipes. Pips sieves are probably the best-known and most popular hanging sieves among quality-conscious smokers. Because where other sieves get hot and emit an unpleasant aftertaste, Pips hanging sieves remain cool and neutral in taste.

What makes a Pips sieve so special

Bendable without breaking - Pips sieves are very stable due to their basic material. You can easily bend the stainless steel sieves into the right shape wihout them breaking. Nevertheless, you should not overdo the bending process. Use the flexibility of the long handle of the sieve to shape it into a practical handle in no time.

Reusable - The sieves possess a high degree of basic stability, which prevents the sieve from burning through due to the embers produced by the burning of tobacco or herbal mixtures. This makes them more sustainable, because unlike comparable sieves made of wire mesh, a Pips hanging sieve is more durable as a result and can be used several times.

Burn out dirt and herb residues easily - Pips sieves can be easily burned out with a lighter or jet lighter to remove stubborn impurities. Tweezers or tongs are not necessary when held by the end of the handle. Even when the sieve becomes scorching hot, it can still be held with ease.

Suitable for different bong bowl pieces - The 12mm Pips Special sieves are compatible with many pipe and bong bowls. They are perfectly suitable for the use with 14.5 bowl pieces. When inserting them, make sure that there is not too much empty space around the sieve - otherwise your herbal mixture will fall past it.

Scope of delivery:
1 Storage bag of Pips Special sieves 12mm
Content: 100 pieces

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