Carbon Filter Adapter 14.5 Slide

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Technical data:
Active carbon filter insert 14.5 by Heisenberg

Filling quantity: approx. 3 grams of active carbon
Ground glass joint: 14.5
Total height: approx. 8cm
With roll stopper

Suitable sieve diameter:
- Insert sieves: < Ø12mm
- Seamine 10mm glass sieve

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Heisenberg active carbon filter for 14 5 bongs and bubblers

The Heisenberg active carbon filter is filled with up to 3 grams of granulated active carbon and placed between bowl piece and the smoking device. The highly absorbent active carbon filters out irritating and harmful substances such as soot, tar, benzene and other noxious particles. Active substances and flavours are not affected and pass through the filter unhindered, so you can enjoy your bong hits without hesitation.

Inserting the active carbon filter

Depending on the bong design, the active carbon filter is placed directly in the joint of stemless bongs or inserted between the coupling and the bowl piece of regular models. If an active carbon filter is used in conjunction with a pre-cooler, make sure that the smoke is first passed through the filter and afterwards through the pre-cooler. Otherwise, the absorption capacity of the activated carbon will be impaired by the humidity of the water within the pre-cooler.

Suitable accessories for the Heisenberg active carbon filter 14.5

To be able to use the active carbon filter, you need granulated active carbon and a sieve that prevents the granulated charcoal from falling through the filter insert. You can find both of these here in the shop. What you need is a sieve with a diameter of 12mm or less. Use the Heisenberg Active Carbon Filter 14.5 with either a 10-12mm pipe screen, a 12mm hanging sieve or a Seamine 10mm glass sieve.

Note: When using with a hanging sieve, the handle must be bent so that a 14.5mm bong bowl has unobstructed space inside the ground glass joint. If a Seamine is used instead, make sure that it is positioned in the filter in such a way that the airflow remains unobstructed. You can check this by taking a dry puff on the filter after inserting the mine.

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