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The WINDOW CURVED Grinder by Champ High is a shapely, practical herb grinder for everyday use.

Diameter: approx. 5cm
Height: approx. 6.5 cm

With viewing windows on the sides to keep a close eye on the degree of grinding of the herbs or spices.
The lid forms a slight depression which is suitable for use as a collecting tray or as a building aid.
With kief sieve and spatula for scraping.

Available in gold, silver, black and rainbow.

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The Champ High metal grinder has a lot to offer that other grinders in this price range do not.

Always everything in view

The all-round viewing windows in the body of the grinder are very practical. They allow you to observe the degree of grinding of your material at any time. The fine kief trickles through the sieve down to the collection compartment, which can be unscrewed.

Specially shaped - not without reason

The lid of the grinder is concave. This forms a hollow, or rather a real bowl, which can be a real help in your stoner work. In the bowl you can collect tobacco or herbal material - so it doesn't fly around.

The grinder is available in four different metallic colours.

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