Circ Precooler 18/8

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Technical data of the Circ pre-cooler 18.8

Ground glass joint: 18.8
Wall thickness: approx. 3 mm
Percolator: Circ percolator

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Heisenberg Circ Precooler with integrated Circ percolator

The Circ pre-cooler for glass bongs has a ground glass joint of the size 18.8>18.8. The connection part for bong bowls is female, the connection to the bong is male (core joint). The core joint is angled downwards and is therefore well suited for bongs that have a side connection area with an angle of approx. 40-45°.

The exposed ground joint and the compact design of the water chamber make the percolator suitable for a large number of different beakers and standard bongs.

Cools and filters the smoke reliably - the Circ percolator

The Circ pre-cooler is equipped with a Circ percolator. The round perc is the flared structure inside the water chamber. The lower part of the Circ percolator is crossed by 8 small slits at the outer edges. The smoke is drawn through the slits and split up during inhalation. This ensures an even and powerful vortex in the chamber, so that first ash residues and pollutants are caught early and the flavour can fully develop during smoking. The suction is pleasant and does not seem strenuous when taking a puff.

All facts at a glance

Ground glass joint: 18.8 mm | wall thickness: approx. 3 mm
Height: approx. 13cm | Diameter: approx. 45mm
Percolator: Circ percolator, round, 8 slots
Supplied without chillum and bowl piece

More Information
EAN 4056159091761
Product weight 0.14 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Color clear
Cut 18.8
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