Clear Sun Pre-cooler 18.8

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Details of the Clear Sun pre-cooler 18.8 from Heisenberg:

Ground glass joint: 18.8M > 18.8F
Height: approx. 12cm
Diameter: approx. 5cm
Wall thickness: approx. 5mm
Percolator: Sun Disc (Ratchet Perc)

The disc-shaped ratchet percolator inside reminds of the appearance of the sun - hence the name.

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Clear Sun Bong percolator disc pre-cooler for 18.8 glass bongs

The Heisenberg Clear Sun pre-cooler guarantees an optimal smoke distribution due to its extraordinary Sun Disc percolator (also called Ratchet Perc). It has an 18.8 ground joint towards the bong as well as an 18.8 ground joint for glass bowls.

Extremely good smoke cooling

With the Clear Sun pre-cooler, ash residues and other pollutant particles are trapped so that the flavour can fully develop when smoking. This means that not only is the smoke evenly cooled, but foreign substances such as ash and soot are also filtered out - and much better than with conventional ash catchers. In addition, the use of the pre-cooler causes the bong to clog considerably less.

Special features of the Heisenberg Clear Sun pre-cooler

The 18.8 core joint towards the bong is angled vertically downwards. For this reason, the pre-cooler is best suited for bongs with a corresponding vertical connection. The pre-cooler is equipped with a Sun Disc percolator, which distributes the smoke through the small slots on the edge of the percolator disc. The Sun Disc Perc is the wide glass pane inside the water chamber. It is surrounded by small slits on the side, which give it a sun-like appearance. The smoke is drawn through the holes and split up during inhalation. This creates a strong vortex in the chamber, so that the first pollutant particles are collected at an early stage. When smoking, the perc should only be just under water so that during inhalation the water is not drawn up into the bong.

Note: If the Clear Sun pre-cooler is used with a bong that has a connection on the side (e.g. 45°), make sure that the percolator disc remains under water and that the smoke does not pass through unfiltered.

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- 1x Clear Sun pre-cooler 18.8

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Cut 18.8
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