Curly Glass Shaft 29.2

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Details about the Curly Glass Shaft

Total length: approx. 36cm
Length without joint: approx. 30cm
Width: approx. 3.5cm
Ground glass joint: 29.2 male>female

- Suitable for all hookahs with equivalent 29.2 joints (e.g. Calabash and La Coppa).

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Curly hookah shaft 29.2 - Helix glass stem

The Curly shaft is a glass stem for hookahs with 29.2 ground glass connection. It is suitable for all hookahs with a matching 29.2 connection that are made of glass, stainless steel or aluminium.

What makes the Curly glass shaft

The Curly glass shaft by Kaya Shisha is characterised by its appealing helix shape. Just like its coloured counterpart "Curly Color", this hookah stem shines due to its excellent air flow without much air resistance.

The shape of the shaft results from 4 helically twisted glass tubes, through which you can observe the smoke with every puff. Splitting the smoke over the individual paths lengthens the distance the smoke has to travel to reach the mouthpiece. This makes the inhalation cooler, the smoke less scratchy and the feeling on the lungs less stifling.

Glass as the base material of the shaft prevents flavours from previous sessions from sticking. So you get only the pure taste of the tobacco you smoked in your current session.

Facts at a glance

- Glass shaft with an attractive helix shape
- Excellent air flow
- Standardised 29.2>29.2 ground glass joint
- Kaya Shisha logo on female joint
- Total length: approx. 36 cm | Diameter: approx. 35 mm

Notes on care

Glass can suffer stress damage due to strong temperature fluctuations. Therefore, avoid placing the heated shaft in cold places or soaking it in cold water to clean it. You can clean the glass shaft with a warm soapy water solution and a soft brush/sponge cloth. Afterwards, rinse it with clear water. Then place it upright to dry out. Make sure that it stands securely and cannot fall over.

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Manufacturer Kaya Shisha
Spare Parts Shaft
Cut 29.2
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