Curly Glass mouthpiece

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Diameter: approx. 30mm
Length: approx. 33cm
Hose connection: approx. 30 mm

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Kaya Curly - Helix Glass Mouthpiece

The Curly hookah mouthpiece is the ideal companion for hookahs made of glass, stainless steel and aluminium. It has an elegantly curved handle in the shape of a helix.

What makes the Curly glass mouthpiece special

The Curly mouthpiece by Kaya Shisha is characterised by its crystal-clear transparency, good air flow and appealing shape.

4 spirally twisted glass ducts form a helix handle that fits well in your hand, allowing you to watch the smoke with every puff. Splitting the smoke over four separate pathways extends the distance the smoke has to travel to reach you. This makes inhalation both cooler and more enjoyable.

Glass as the basic material of the Curly mouthpiece prevents unwanted adhesion of foreign aromas. This means that during a current smoking session you can only taste the tobacco you are smoking and not residual flavours from previously smoked tobacco varieties.

The smooth glass surface makes the Curly mouthpiece easy to clean. With conscientious care, it will remain an eye-catcher for a long time to come.

About the design of the Curly mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is made of colourless, transparent glass. It has a total length of approximately 33 cm with a maximum diameter of 30mm.

The handle, made of 4 glass ducts, converges in the middle to form the tube from which you puff. On the tube is a sandblasted Kaya Shisha company logo.

The approx. 30 mm long connection piece is cylindrical, so that silicone hoses can be easily plugged in or pulled off.

Facts at a glance

- Handle piece with attractive helix shape
- Good air flow
- Universal fitting connector for silicone hoses
- Sandblasted Kaya Shisha logo
- Total length: approx. 33 cm | Diameter: approx. 30 mm | Hose connection: approx. 30 mm

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