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The product Gold Palms Gold Tube Roll Tendu Blunt Wrap consists of a hand-rolled King Size blunt wrap made from the leaf of the tendu tree, with corn filter in a Gold Tube glass tube made of quality glass with aroma-proof aluminum screw cap.

Format: King Size
Holds approx. 2 grams of herbs

Dimensions of the glass tube:
Length: approx. 11.5 cm | Diameter Ø approx. 2 cm

The Gold Palms blunt leaves are picked from the tendu tree and rolled by hand. A blunt wrap that lets you taste the oriental flavor of the tendu leaf.

100% natural and untreated - ready rolled.

The natural thickness and special drying of the tendu tree leaves allow for an intense and long smoking session.

Tobacco free, no additives

The blunts are provided with a corn husk filter, which has special filtering and cooling properties due to its close-meshed structure and thus keeps the hot smoke away from the lips, for an incomparable smoking experience.

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Roll Beedi Blunts with a Tendu Blunt Wrap by Gold Palms

Each Gold Blunt tube includes a tendu blunt wrap with corn husk filter. The blunts come already pre-rolled by hand and are ready to use. To make filling easier, a bamboo packing stick is included with the blunt to match the shape of the blunts and facilitate quick, even stuffing to the last corner.

What makes a Tendu Blunt Wrap

Tendu blunt wraps are made from the leaves of the tendu tree of the same name. They are used to roll so-called beedis - the Indian version of a cigarette. The leaves processed by Gold Palms are 100% natural. They are grown without pesticides or fertilizers.

A tendu blunt is characterized by its specific woody to slightly fruity aroma. Furthermore, it burns slowly, which comes from the pronounced natural thickness of the leaves. Unlike ordinary tobacco blunt wraps, tendu blunts are free of tobacco, nicotine and do not contain any additives.

Another advantage of Gold Palms blunts is that they are already equipped with a filter. This is a corn husk filter. Due to its tightly meshed structure, the filter simultaneously ensures good filtering of the smoke as well as its cooling. It also prevents oil and grime from being deposited on the lips and teeth.

Advantages of the enclosed glass tube

The glass tube is airtight, waterproof, durable and unbreakable. It is sealed by an aluminum screw cap that makes the jar 100% airtight and watertight. This preserves the natural flavors of the blunt.

Once opened, the glass tube can be used to safely transport the stuffed blunt, provided it is not smoked right away. The size of the glass tube allows you to transport Queen Size, Prince Size as well as King Size blunts.

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