Heisenberg 40-7 Glassbong 7mm

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Technical data:
Heisenberg 50-7 Glassbong

Height: approx. 40 cm
Ground glass joint: 18.8
Wall thickness: approx. 7 mm
Neck diameter: approx. 5 cm
Base diameter: approx. 12 cm
Ice notches: Yes
Carb hole: No
Chillum: 18.8>18.8, Length ~ 11.5cm
Bowl piece: 18.8 standard bowl

With Heisenberg logo on the bowl piece, chillum and bong neck.

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Heisenberg 40-7 - Super-stable 7mm bong for indoors and outdoors.

The Heisenberg 40-7 is called Heisenberg 40-7 because it is 40 centimetres high and the glass wall has a thickness of 7 millimetres. Because the bong does not have a kick hole, it is smoked via lift off - the raising of the bowl piece.

What makes up the Heisenberg 40-7 glass bong?

Ice notches - The 3 dark ice notches in the neck of the 40-7 turn the simple cylinder bong into an ice bong. Use the notches to fill the bong neck with ice cubes or coarse crushed ice. This way you can enjoy extra cool smoke. In addition, the ice notches act as splash protection against rising bong water! Practical!

7mm thick glass - The thick glass of 7mm makes the bong incredibly stable and insensitive to impact damage. If it should accidentally fall over, the probability that the bong itself will break is rather low.

Black colour accents - mouthpiece, ice notches, base and logo stand out in black against the clear glass of this bong - and that looks extremely cool!

Scope of delivery:
1x Heisenberg 40-7 glass bong 18.8F
1x 18.8>18.8 chillum with diffuser end piece, length approx. 11.5cm
1x Standard bong bowl 18.8M

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EAN 4056159056777
Product weight 1.20 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Cut 18.8
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