Carbon Filter Adapter 18.8 Heisenberg

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Technical data:
Charcoal Filter Adapter by Heisenberg:

Chamber size: filling quantity approx. 5g active carbon
Ground joint: 18.8 mm
Height: approx. 6cm

Insert sieves sold separately
Sieve diameter: Ø15-20mm

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This adapter, that is also an active charcoal filter, has to be plugged between coupling and slide, and is perfectly capable for an improved filtering of the smoke.

Matching insert sieves are sold separately in the shop.
Sieves with a diameter between 15-20mm are recommended for the adapter:

15mm sieves: Can be inserted and removed easily. Caution is advised when filling in the activated carbon, as a small sieve can quickly shift and the granulate can slip past.

20mm sieves: Sieves with a larger diameter hold the granulate securely in the adapter. To remove them from the adapter a tool is needed, e.g. a pencil or similar.

You need approx. 5g of active charcoal to fill the carbone filter adapter adapter. The period of time before you have to clean the adapter and renew the charcoal depends your smoking habits and the amount of filtered grime and dirt.

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