Heisenberg Chute Bowl Oak 18.8

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The Heisenberg Oak Bowl Ash 18.8 impresses with its base material since it is made of oak wood.

Total height: approx. 6.4 cm
Height without connection piece: approx. 3.8 cm
Connection piece: corresponds to 18.8 ground glass joint
Hole diameter: approx. 17 mm
Logo: Heisenberg (without lettering)
Material: oak wood

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Heisenberg Chute Bowl - oak wood bong bowl with 18.8 connector

The Heisenberg Chute Bowl is a voluminous bong bowl made of oak wood with a male 18.8 connector for bongs, bubblers and glass pipes. The oak wood characterises the design of the bowl with its bright colour and rich wood grain. With a Chute Bowl made of wood, Heisenberg introduces you to what is probably the most rad little bowl with which you can enjoy your favourite bong.

The bowl was turned and processed by hand in a workshop in the north of Germany. Due to the material, each bowl is unique with individual grain and wood colour. Attractively designed, the natural bong bowl exudes its individual aroma and offers you an alternative to the usual glass bowl.

What makes a Heisenberg Chute Bowl wooden bowl?

Quality product Made in Germany

The wooden Chute Bowls are turned and polished by hand in northern Germany in Heisenberg's own workshop. The bowls are left in their natural state to keep the wood and its special smoking characteristics as natural as possible.

Bong bowl with a delicate wood aroma

When smoked, the wood releases light, delicate aromas through its contact with fire. In order not to falsify this natural flavour, the bowls are not treated with stain, oil or varnish.

Suitable for smoking herbs and tobacco

The Chute Bowls are suitable for smoking tobacco, dry herbal blends and nicotine-free tobacco substitutes. We recommend using the bowls with sieves, preferably with a diameter of 15mm.

Connector for bongs and glass pipes

The size of the wooden connector corresponds to an 18.8 mm core joint. It can be treated like a ground glass joint. Due to the tapered shape, the Heisenberg Chute Bowls can be combined with all bongs, bubblers and glass pipes that have an 18.8 mm ground joint for tobacco bowls.

By nature a decorative unique piece

A Chute Bowl not only offers something for the taste, but also something for the eye - because each piece of wood has its own individual colour and grain. To show that the ordered bowl really is a genuine Heisenberg Chute Bowl, the unmistakable Heisenberg logo is burned onto every bowl. This is also done by hand and can vary slightly in terms of position and intensity. So no two bowls are the same.

Important measurements at a glance

Total height: approx. 6.4cm | Height without connection piece: approx. 3.8cm | Connection piece corresponds to 18.8 ground glass joint | Hole diameter: approx. 17mm

Notes on care and use

If you want to emphasise the colour and grain of the wood, you can oil the bowl with a little cooking oil. This cares for the wood and, unlike artificial colours and varnishes, is harmless in terms of health.
Please note: If you want to apply oil to the Chute Bowl bowl, you should only do so from the outside. Otherwise, the oil can develop an unpleasant smoky aroma during smoking and thus impair the taste.

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Manufacturer Heisenberg
Color natural
Wood Oak
Cut 18.8
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