Heisenberg Forge Two

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Forge Two glass bong by Heisenberg:

Total height: approx. 30cm
Ground glass joint: 18.8
Wall thickness: approx. 5 mm
Diameter neck: approx. 3cm
Diameter body: approx. 5cm and ca. 6cm
Diameter base: approx. 9cm
Bowl piece: 18.8 standard bowl with Heisenberg logo
Percolator: Showerhead and Ufo with Wiwag pattern
Ice box: No
Carb hole: No

large Heisenberg logo

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Heisenberg Forge Two - Small but powerful

Larger than a mini bong, but not a giant at 30cm either - the Heisenberg Forge Two is a medium sized percolator bong that gives you incredibly smooth hits while bubbling heavily.

Features of the Heisenberg Forge Two glass bong

Stemless - The Forge Two belongs to the family of stemless bongs. This means that the chillum is already fixed to the bong and neither an additional chillum nor a coupling for the bong is needed.

Double percolation - There are 2 areas for smoke swirling. The chillum first ends in a Stemline Showerhead percolator, which is located directly above the bottom of the bong. From there the smoke is directed into a percolator chamber with Ufo Perc where it goes through another cooling process.

Bent neck - The neck of the Forge Two is angled. This keeps rising water, which is drawn up with the inhale, from reaching the lips or even the mouth. The mouthpiece is gently flared and therefore lies comfortably against the lips.

Highlights - The bong has a large Heisenberg logo on the percolator chamber. In addition, the Ufo Perc is colourfully highlighted with a Wigwag pattern on its tip.

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