Heisenberg Mega-Impact - 9mm

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Details of the Mega-Impact by Heisenberg:

Height: ca. 46 cm
Cut size: 18.8
Diameter: ca. 5 cm

Glass thickness: ca. 9mm

18.8 > 18.8 with slithole diffusor (~ 10cm)
Slide: 18.8 Standard Heisenberg bowl
Round base diameter: ca. 12,5 cm
Ice notches: Yes
Carb hole: No

With extra massive mouthpiece and a black Heisenberg logo.

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Not just big - but MEGA!

This Heisenberg glass bong boasts a whopping 9 (nine) millimetres of glass thickness! You only have to hold it once and it will leave a huge impression: A Mega Impact.
Apart from a chillum with slotted diffuser and a standard slide, this bong needs nothing else to impress deeply - no circulator, no percolator, no swirl chamber can beat such mega thick glass.
Neither does this HNBG hookah need any optical bells and whistles, it simply is what it is: MEGA

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EAN 4056159107646
Product weight 1.62 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Color clear
Cut 18.8
Delivery time Versand nach Zahlungseingang
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