Wooden pipe 2-parts, up to ca. 40cm

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Details about the 2 Parted wooden pipe:

Total length: ca. 40 cm
Material: rosewood

Pipe bowl:
Height: ca. 2.5 cm
Length: ca. 2.5 cm
Width: ca. 2 cm
Diameter of the plughole: ca. 0.7mm
Diameter of the tobacco scrape: ca. 1.7cm
Depth of the tobacco scrape: ca. 0.3 cm

The pipe consists of 2 parts with a length of ca. 20cm. You can remove the middle part, if you dont want a so long pipe.

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Wooden pipe 2-parts, up to ca. 40cm is available to buy in increments of 1

Two-piece Rosewood Pipe with 40cm Length

This slender and elegant 2-piece peace pipe is made of dark rosewood. The individual parts of the pipe are simply connected to each other via a simple plug-in system. The plug connection in the middle of the pipe neck is reinforced by an additional small brass ring.
The divisibility of the pipe simplifies cleaning after smoking and also transport, especially if you want to hide it from prying eyes.

The small pipe bowl for tobacco and herbal blends has 3 small holes in the bottom of the pipe bowl through which the smoke is directed through the pipe itself. The slim pipe neck and the great length of up to 40cm provide an extension of the smoke path, which favours the cooling of the smoke before its inhalation. As a result, the smoke becomes smoother and less dense.

Allow more time for smoking

This pipe is not so much a smoking device for quick consumption as an object to be enjoyed. It should not be smoked in a hurry, but with a little more leisure, comfort and above all a little time. Only then can it be truly enjoyed and used properly.

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