Coal Bin Long

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Details of this charcoal basket by Kaya:

Frame height: approx. 40cm
Frame width: approx. 18cm
3 feet
With heat shield below the handle to protect fingers
Spiral-shaped handle to reduce heat conduction
Incl. holder for coal tongs

Bowl diameter: approx. 18 cm
Bowl depth: approx. 8cm

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Large hookah coal basket with handle and holder for tongs

This 2-piece charcoal basket holds a large amount of hookah coal. A decorative wire frame keeps the metal container in position and prevents the released heat from leaving marks on carpets or floor coverings by keeping distance to the floor.
The 3-legged frame has a handle surrounded by a metal spiral, which makes it possible to transport the charcoal. The plate underneath prevents ascending hot air from causing burns when you hold on to it. As the handle is neither solid nor firmly attached to the container, the air can circulate around it and, as with the feet, promotes rapid cooling of the metal frame.

As a practical extra, there is a metal loop on one side for hanging your coal tongs.

Why you need a charcoal container

Again and again there are shisha smokers who think they can put hot charcoal on their ash plate (or coal plate) without any problems - but not every plate is fit for this purpose. Plates made of glass can shatter, others can become discoloured or even deformed. Because not every plate is suitable for the permanent storage of these practical heat dispensers, you should use a coal basket.

What are the advantages of a hookah coal basket?

A metal basket for hookah coal is the best way to store glowing hot coals for an extended period of time. It holds a large amount of coal cubes at once and is also a good place to preheat them if you want to fill several hookahs at once or if you are planning several sessions in a row. The coal container also ensures the safe transport of coal cubes to the hookah in closed rooms.

Furthermore, this basket offers a good possibility to safely extinguish coal that is no longer needed.

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