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The Oil Connector by Heisenberg can be plugged into the 14.5 ground joint sleeve of the bong instead of a regular bowl piece for herbs. It enables you to smoke oil and extracts from an ordinary glass bong.

3-piece set consisting of:
1x Male to male adapter 14.5>14.5
1x Oil nail made of glass
1x Oil dome made of glass, 14.5 female

Ground glass joint: 14.5
Total height: approx. 13.5cm
Dome diameter: approx. 45mm

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Oil Connector 14.5 - turn your bong into an oil bong

With the 3-piece Heisenberg Oil Connector you can turn your glass bong for herbs into a bong for oil and extracts. The compact extension set consists of an adapter piece with a double male 14.5 ground glass joint, a glass nail and a glass dome with a female 14.5 ground glass joint.
Because the adapter piece is not angled, but runs in a straight line (180°), the Oil Connector is primarily suitable for bongs and bubblers that have a vertically mounted ground joint connection.

How to use the Oil Connector

Prepare your bong/bubbler for use by filling it with water until the percolators or chillum are sufficiently submerged. Then proceed step by step to the perfect dab.

  1. Insert the 14 5 adapter piece into the ground joint sleeve of the bong of your choice, or into the ground joint of its respective chillum.
  2. Take the glass nail and carefully slide it through the upper part of the male ground joint. The nail will be kept from falling through the adapter by the glass parts attached to its side.
  3. Heat the nail with a jet lighter or a Bunsen burner. Take the oil dome and carefully place it on the male adapter piece.
  4. Using a glass or metal dabber, drop the extract you want to vaporise through the opening of the dome onto the nail. The dome helps you to compress the vaporising extract inside. Start inhaling while you do this so as not to waste any extract.

Tip: With a Carb Cap you can maintain the heat of the nail better to do low temp dabs. It's even easier with a Carb Cap Dabber, because you have to work with less accessories at the same time.

Scope of delivery:
- 1x Oil Dome 14.5F
- 1x Male to male adapter, 2x 14.5M
- 1x Glass nail

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