Oil Dome 14.5, two parts, with sandblasted dome

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Details of the two-part Oil Dome:

Ground joint: 14.5
Height without cut section: ca. 5cm
Width: ca. 6cm

The sandblasted dome can be folded up by a hinge. To stabilize the hinge, an o-ring is included.

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For aromatic dabs - Oil Dome with sandblasted dome

The Oil Dome 14.5 with sandblasted glass dome is a high quality bowl piece for dab rigs. It is made of temperature-resistant borosilicate glass and is suitable for vaporising oil and concentrates. It belongs to the rare group of glass nails, bangers and oil pans that have their own dome and are designed to be self-contained.

Ordinary oil nails are standardly used in combination with an additional carb cap. This is not necessary with the Oil Dome 14.5 oil nail, as it has a sandblasted dome that is connected to the bowl via a hinge and takes over the function of a carb cap.
Once you are done heating the lower part of the oil nail and using a dabber to spread your concentrate on the flat pan, you can lower the dome to retain the heat more effectively and evaporate the concentrate without leaving any residue. In the process, air is added to the smoke from the outside through the hole at the top of the Oil Dome, which makes the dabs cooler and more effective due to the extra kick of oxygen.

Tip: Start inhaling through your rig as soon as you spread the concentrate onto the nail. That' s the only way to prevent the concentrate from disappearing into thin air, as it evaporates very quickly.

Advantages of the two-part Oil Dome 14.5
- made of borosilicate glass
- dome with hinge
- temperature resistant
- no air pockets
- no additional carb cap necessary

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EAN 4056159065083
Product weight 0.13 kg
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Manufacturer Heisenberg
Color sandblasted
Cut 14.5
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