Silicone Tobacco Bowl with Chamotte Insert

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Details of the silicone tobacco bowl with chamotte insert
2-piece single-hole bowl with silicone holder and fireclay phunnel

1x Silicone tobacco bowl:
Height: approx. 11cm
Top diameter: approx. 9cm
Bottom diameter: approx. 4cm

1x Fireclay phunnel insert:
Height: approx. 2cm
Diameter: approx. 7,5cm
Filling height: approx. 1,5cm

Can be used universally without an additional bowl seal, as it is self-sealing. In combination with a The Block heat management device, the silicone bowl offers a great smoking experience without disturbing aroma residues from previous sessions.

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Kaya-Shisha silicone tobacco bowl with fireclay phunnel

The 2-piece hookah bowl made of silicone scores with its incredible flexibility - and not only in terms of the material. The phunnel is ready for use in no time at all by pressing the fireclay insert into the bowl until it is firmly seated. The divisibility of the tobacco bowl allows the individual parts to be cleaned thoroughly after each session, without damaging the material. Practically no aromatic substances from previous sessions adhere to the silicone. With conscientious care, the phunnel also favours the unclouded smoking experience. Furthermore, the silicone holder also effectively protects it from damage caused by tipping over or even a fall from great heights.

However, should the fireclay phunnel ever need to be replaced, or should you wish to change to a chimney or foil set-up, the phunnel can easily be replaced with a glazed ceramic phunnel with or without lamellae, or even a Hydra/-X multi-hole insert.

Ideal for large Heat Managers

The phunnel insert is not glazed. It is made of light-coloured fireclay, a particularly fire-resistant clay that distributes heat evenly and is therefore also used in fireplaces. The generous diameter of the phunnel allows it to be used in combination with large heat managers such as The Block HMD 1-4 or the Kaya BigStar HMD.

German quality goods

Kaya silicone bowls are produced in Germany. That is why a Made in Germany seal is located at the base of each tobacco bowl. Silicone is heat-resistant, tasteless and an eye-catcher on every hookah due to its intense colouring. You can easily clean it under hot water without fear of damaging the bowl. The flexible base ensures that it can be used safely and firmly on commercially available hookahs, even without an additional rubber seal.

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