Skyler Glassbong with silicone base

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Technical data:
Skyler glassbong by Heisenberg

Height: ca. 42 cm
Ground joint: 18.8
Wall thickness: ca. 4 mm
Diameter: ca. 54 mm
Diameter of ball: 10 cm
Downstem: 18.8>18.8 mm (~13cm) with slithole
Ice notches: No
Carb hole: Yes
Max. diameter silicone base: 13.5 cm

The glass body can be removed from the silicone base. A little chamber deep inside can be used as a place to put a LED light.

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SKYLER GLASBONG. It's not just the colour ...

The Skyler glass bong with silicone base stands out from the selection of Heisenberg bongs, after all, and not just in terms of colour. With a gaudy colour coating, this hookah doesn't come in the typical glass-clear look of HNBG.
Only the mouthpiece opening, chillum (with slotted diffusor) and standard slide with 18.8 cut are left out in colour.
The glass body is inserted into a colour-coordinated silicone base. This for sure is solid and provides good support for the glass. The Heisenberg logo is embossed on the underside.
The logo can also be found on the bong tube.
The water pipe does not have any percolators or circulators, but the kick hole (carb hole) can be used to intensify the smoking pleasure.

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